In the Asylum

By the main entrance stands Donald Magee
He’s dressed as a sailor, he thinks he’s at sea
There’s a gun in his hand but he’s not going to shoot
He thinks he’s Wellington
The plane, the man and the boot.

He’s in the asylum, I suppose that’s quite sad
but he doesn’t pay rent, so he cant be that mad.

Down in the basement strapped to the wall
is a man who thinks he’s the Lone Ranger
They keep him tied up cause he scare’s the tea lady
and his horse is a bit of a danger

he’s in the asylum so I suppose that’s quite sad
but he’s not a politician so he cant be all bad

There’s Hitler and Churchill discussing the war
and Tarzan discussing the apes
and there’s a man who jumps up and down in a barrel
treading invisible grapes

They’re in the asylum, but its not really sad
cause they’re not building bombs so they’re not really mad.

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