My Dog


My dog loves me,
that I know,
because he often tells me so

Not in words,
that can’t be done,
but, if only he could
imagine the fun.

It would be so enlightening,
to have some things explained,
unusual habits,
named and shamed.

The reason, his tail wags,
when I give him a treat.
The attention to detail,
when he’s licking my feet.

He could give me the reason,
for every tree marked,
every bum sniffed
and every bark, barked.

Or, maybe its better,
that we just let things be.
I understand him and he understands me.

The difference between us,
isn’t so great
He loves his dad, and I love my mate.

dedicated to O’Malley, the Irish terrier(ist)

checkĀ  O’Malley photo in photo link

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