Philosophy For The Lazy Person

I really must fix that fence, the day after today
I suppose, I could have fixed it today’
but what I always say
why put off until the day after yesterday
what you can put off until the day after today.

There’s no need to take offence’
well, not my fence anyway
cause it needs repairing
not that I’m caring
not today, anyway.

I know what your going to say.
If I continue putting off until tomorrow,
what I could have done today’
eventually, some day, one day, there will not be a day after today.

Umm! good point, I hear what your saying,
what’s the point in planning to fix the fence at all if,
before I get started, I could be departed.

Think I’ll just leave it for awhile
that seems to be the best way
and if by chance I survive the day after today
well, there’s always the next day.

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