Thats it then.

Well, that’s the end of the World Cup for another four years for an England supporter. Luckily I’m so old I was there for the 1966 World Cup and I’ve managed to live off it ever since.

What always amazes me is that England invented just about every game that is played and yet they rarely win anything. Even Uruguay beat them. There are less than three and a half million people  live in Uruguay, half of those would be women, so that leaves one and three quarters of a million, about three quarters of a million would be too young to play for their country, another three quarters of a million would be too old, that leaves 250, 000, when you discount the blokes who are in gaol, injured, on their holidays, cant play on Sundays for religious reasons, or just have no interest in football, it actually only leaves about 20 blokes .  If you possess your own boots, you’ve a very good chance of getting a game.

And yet still, they beat England.

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