The Dream


Wrote this some time ago, as you can tell by some of the names…


I dreamed Sir Douglas Bader
Came sprinting past my bed.
He was trying to catch Jane Mansfield,
who was busy adjusting her head
Then Lennon walked in to sing hello
and poured himself a drink
but as soon as he drank, he started to leak
a hole-y man I think
There were bits of Mountbatten to the left of me
and bits of Mountbatten to the right,
I said “pull yourself together”
and wandered off into the night
Then big John Wayne came galloping past,
his face all covered in joy,
I asked him what he was looking for
and he just said ‘I’ve come for my boy”
and it was good to see everyone, looking so well
and not looking upset and sad’
and I thought to myself, though I’m happy alive’
being dead doesn’t seem quite so bad.

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