Whats in it for me?

Well, after much gentle urging, followed by serious discussion, eventually leading to threats of physical violence, I finally agreed with my wife and we got our wills done.  must admit I wasn’t that keen at first. For one thing I think once you start talking about the “death” thing, its like your tempting fate. Also, and I don’t want to sound selfish, but in all honestly, what’s in it for me. Oh, I know it will be great that after our, hopefully a long way off, demise, to hear our children say how good it was that we made life a lot easier for them by doing a will. And of course , the look on our grandsons face when he hears that I’ve left him my first edition copy of The Greatest Lithuanian Trombone Players of the 19th Century,  I’m pretty damn sure he’ll be overjoyed by that. But, realistically, I wont actually be there to hear the accolades. Really, and like I say I don’t want to sound selfish about it but I’d much prefer to actually be there to hear what a great bloke I was.

To me the main problem with the will, is that something really bad has to happen to you in order for you to see the benefit. It’s much the same with private health insurance, really unless you get very sick, your not getting value for money, and that’s exactly the reason I don’t have private health insurance, because knowing my luck, I’d live to be 120, with never a days sickness. My last thought would be “what a waste of money that was. No, take my advice, spend your money on lottery tickets, then at least you’ve got a remote chance of coming out in front, and of course if you do, its all the more money to leave in your will.


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